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400 years of history
Début XVI° siècle

Monrecour castle was built by the lords of Beynac who wished to reside in a more comfortable dwelling than the military fortress of Beynac about 2 kilometers away. Monrecour was part of the 4 agricultural estates which were providing food for Beynac castle.

A few centuries later...
XVIII° siècle

The exploitation of the estate was entrusted to a sharecropper who raised cattle, calves, sheep and cultivated wheat, rye and barley... The vineyard held an important place. The wine was essentially produced from the "pied de perdrix" grape and was consumed locally but also exported to Bordeaux. In 1808, the estate was handed over to the Mirandol family and they probably carried out some alterations. Antoine Casimir de Mirandol was deputy of the Dordogne from 1815 to 1830. Owner of 54 hectares at Saint Vincent de Cosse, he was the most settled inhabitant of the village.

avant 1900
avant 1900 avant 1900

Change of owners

The estate changed hands, going from the aristocratic Mirandol family to the firmly republican Escande family. Georges Escande became mayor of Saint Cyprien and deputy of the Dordogne and he planned a full renovation of Domaine de Monrecour. The descendants of this family kept the castle until 1998.

The renovation

Georges Escande renovated the castle and entrusted the work to an architect from Bordeaux. The neo-Renaissance style was favored, the 2 towers were built and the "lauze" roofing were replaced by tiles.

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1920 1920

Around 1920

The Escande family acquired some of the wood paneling from the Chartreuse de Vauclaire, a monastery built in the 14th century at Montpon-Ménésterol. These wooden panels are part of the decoration of the lounge on the 1st floor of the castle and in the chapel on the ground floor.

Return from the exodus

After the 2nd world war, the Escande family came back to live at Domaine de Monrecour.

avant 1900
1998 1998 1998

The building works

M & Mrs Khodja bought the estate and, following a lot of alterations, the castle and the agricultural barns become a hotel.

Change of owner

The estate becomes the property of M & Mrs Gauthier who start large building works to embellish the property. The 31 rooms in the castle and in the annex buildings and the 8 cottages are fully renovated in a more modern style.

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1920 1920 1920

the new restaurant

For the pleasure of our gourmet guests, Domaine de Monrecour opens its new restaurant with 3 dining rooms, a nice wine cellar, 2 terraces.
A bar is also built allowing you to enjoy a relaxing time around a drink.